Insurance for Assurance

How will your loved ones walk through their lives journeys when you're gone?

Are there better ways to save for their education, to save for your retirement?

How can you protect your spouse when something terrible occurs?


Their lives depend on you.

Some might insist that insurance is unnecessary, a gimmick, or simply a burden to bear.

But we all know that the real reason is because saving is harder than spending.

It is easier to ignore, especially if you relish living "in the moment".


expecting mothers young children.jpg

Expecting Mothers & Young Children

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Young Professionals

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Elderly & Retirement

Regardless of your age or gender, you will often have an excuse for not preparing for the future, and shun the idea of building better "safety nets":

"I save money in my bank - that's more than enough. I have $250k in savings, and growing."


I understand. I used to think the way you did, too.

I was ignorant.

I ignored how the bank's interests rates are spectacularly lower than today's inflation rates. I didn't care about inflation - the dollars in my bank mattered more. It was more satisfying to look at.
Interest rates? Blah. Not interested.

I ignored how an accident could wipe my savings out completely. With just my savings in the bank, at any unfortunate event where my medical bill has to be paid off, I'll wipe it clean, with nothing else to back me up. Accidents? Poo - how often do they happen anyway? I'll live a long life!

I ignored saving money most of the time. Everything else in the present moment is more important: my $8 Starbucks coffee, my apartment rental fees, my frivolous purchases at the mall, my manicures and spas.. Everything is simply too important right now. Savings can wait until my bonus comes in. It can wait until I'm done paying off some bills. It can wait until I'm 28, I'm sure I have time - my friends did it, so can I.


Perhaps you're just like how I was.

But there in this mindset lies danger - danger of the ignorant mind.

You know you need to start looking into your finances.
You know you need to start saving for the unexpected - an accident, a newborn
You know you want your money to grow, to offer you protection, and assurance for the unexpected.


Perhaps it's time to change?

Perhaps. And if you think this might be you, let's get in touch.

I promise I don't bite. I simply am inviting you to a 10-minute discussion in-person or over a video call.


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