Hello, my name is Cherie Tan

Being born and raised in Singapore, and having gone through the public education system, I knew I wanted to be, and could be, something different. 

 A lot of my time outside school (and I’m known for skipping classes) was spent on my computer, either working on a new design on Photoshop, or coding a webpage with some new frontend design skills I learned in the past week. I share my work online - mostly through Neopets (virtual pet site) and DeviantArt. This gave me a great opportunity to be visible within the design and development community.



Getting to know so many other designers and developers who I could connect with through emails and IM, I was thrilled to see the work and talent of people displayed all across the web. Being able to sell my web design and development services also pushed me in the direction of entrepreneurship and helped me understand very early on that I had to, and want to be, financially independent.

In college, the number of project requests I was receiving became overwhelming. I formed a team of freelancers from around the world that I’ve built relationships with over the years, and began managing projects and clients, building design and software solutions for local and international clients. About a year into this, I incorporated the company. 

Today, I run a UIUX design agency, building crafting thoughtful and researched designs and beautiful products. Mogul Tech International embodies the spirit and culture that I’ve learned to value and embrace while I was freelancing design projects with a team. 


Press / Speaking Opportunities: team@cherietan.com


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