"Never stop learning."

Ever since I entered Primary school, I knew I wanted to learn more than what I was provided within schools and textbooks. 

I read a variety of books, and constantly sought for new and interesting information from encyclopedias (I love getting these as birthday presents), fiction and non-fiction books, classical and contemporary novels. 

In college, I took up online courses from various platforms: Udemy, Edx, Digital Marketing Institute (where I received my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing), and Coursera. Despite receiving what society determined as "adequate education" from materials provided in classrooms, through experiences and interactions in my day-to-day life, I strongly believe that learning cannot come to an abrupt, awkward halt after graduating and upon entering the workforce.

Regardless of where you derive your learning from and how you learn:

Always be open to new opportunities to learn and grow.

- Cherie

Books I've Read This Year (2018)

Cleopatra The Great

Screenshot 2018-04-08 10.51.26.png

33 Strategies of War

The Xiaomi Way

Words That Work

Learner Centered Innovation

Courses to complete in 2018

Here are a list of courses I plan to complete by the end of 2018. 

I will update this list on a monthly / quarterly basis.


  • Specialization in Business Strategy and Business in China (Coursera) - ongoing
  • Understanding China, a Data-Analytics Approach (Coursera, Part 1 and Part 2) - completed part 1
  • Chinese Politics (Coursera, Part 1 and Part 2) - ongoing
  • American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice (Coursera)
  • Critical Issues in Urban Education (Coursera)
  • Moral Foundations of Politics (Coursera)
  • Financial Management Specialization (Coursera)